World’s most Gorgeous Serial killers – Should i be in Fear or Love!

  • Date : August 6, 2017

World’s most Gorgeous killers – Should I be in Fear or Love!

So, the title is this, should I be in fear or love. These women are so gorgeous but they have brutally done many murders. As they look beautiful no one could escape from the law. Let’s see some of these people down here,

Estibaliz Carranza:

This story is so interesting than others because she ran an ice cream parlor and hence she is called as “Ice-cream killer”. She is a Spanish-Mexican who lived in Austria. She was sentenced because she killed her husband and illegal lover. She chopped them inside the ice-cream parlor. In her trial the waif-like, curly-haired beauty said that both her husband and lover were by turns bullying and oppressive. She killed her husband in the year 2008 and her lover in 2010.   She murdered both of them and was imprisoned for years together.  In prison, she married another guy and got pregnant in the year 2012. According to her sentencing in November 2013, she will spend her life in a secure mental institution.

Casey Anthony:

Casey Anthony’s case was totally a different case she was said to be a notorious woman in the whole world because she killed her own 2-year-old daughter. Her daughter, Caylee Antony went missing in July 2008, this murder became one of the talked and terrified murders in 21st century. There were tones of reasons that she is guilty because she was partying while her daughter was missing, she searched on internet about chloroform, her mom complaint that a dead smell came from her car and lot others. Now, she is free.

Megan Martzan:

This murder case is the most lesser brutal than others in the list. In the year 2009, It is framed as she killed a 17-month-old baby, but, it was merely an accident. This happened due to mere carelessness so, In 2013, after a lengthy legal process, she was sentenced to just 250 hours of community service.

Mindy Sangera:

This is so pathetic situation that this girl looks so cute but please believe me, she is the killer. The victim is the pregnant women of a Muslim businessman. Sana Ali was just 17 years old and in a marriage when Sangera murdered her. In the year 2007, she was sentenced for life prison. Legal team of her proved that she is not guilty stating that there is no enough forensic reports.

Amanda Knox:

This story began in September 2007, Meredith Kercher and Amanda was staying in a same room, one day she was found dead then the case turned on Amanda and her boy friend. she had returned to the U.S. having been acquitted in a 2011 ruling. As of 2014, she and her boyfriend were found guilty and Amanda was sentenced to over 28 years in prison. Now they demand for freedom as always.

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