Shopping by scrolling – what did we lose in it!!

  • Date : June 15, 2017

Online Shopping by scrolling – what did we lose in it!!

“Shopping by rolling has changed to shopping by scrolling!”

The wide innovations in technology has urged many to become lazy and do everything by just a single click. Before five years this was not the scenario. People used to shop on a weekend with their whole family enjoying the moment by knowing each other’s interest. But now everything has been spaced out

Diwali shopping has been the most wonderful of everything. Though people fail to buy dress on some occasions they never leave a single chance to miss the Diwali shopping. These has also been changed now, People prefer online shopping to going to stores and buying things.

“Scrolling up and scrolling down, yet none sold happiness anywhere because of an empty heart”. Though online shopping never guarantee about the quality still people prefer it because of their ease of doing things in an easy way. People tend to get attracted towards offers, free and quick delivery. They fail to understand that sellers increase the price and then give an offer in order to mesmerize the buyers.

“Online shopping –product ordered, doorbell rang and product delivered”. There are many cases of people complaining about the quality of the product being delivered. Though many categories such as size, colour and many more can be compared and checked while doing online shopping still the delivered product is not assured of its quality. Online shopping may save time but this may less the amount of time spent with family. “Filtering for discounts nothing is brought but happiness is guaranteed”. Both the gender may work in a family so there is less chance of spending time wi the entire family. Therefore shopping with family must be practised at least to spendtime qualitatively.

Children must be taught the value of money by teaching them through shopping in a store. This may induce the child

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