Is this 10th planet – people are so curious about this

  • Date : August 2, 2017

This is the name of the 10th planet – not just 10 its more …

I remember that I learned that our solar system has 9 planets, but, wait a minute, it’s not true, every day, people are finding something new in space. Recently they have found another planet that is the 10th planet. But, we are not gonna be amazed if we find 11,12,13 planets. Recent studies have shown that there is a 10th planet and we can go through some of the important talks about it.

“Once the star is gone, all the KBOs will go back to processing around their previous plane,” Malhotra said. “That would have required an extremely close passage at about 100 AU, and the warp would be erased within 10 million years, so we don’t consider this a likely scenario.”

according to a new study, Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra, both from the Planetary and Lunar Laboratory at the University of Arizona, present very convincing evidence of the existence of planet ten—a celestial body the size of Mars—located in an orbit beyond Neptune.

According to the authors of the research, the mysterious planet has revealed its presence through its control over the orbital planes of a population of space rocks known as KBOs, or Kuiper Belt Objects, in the icy outer regions of our Solar System.


In fact, Volk and Malhotra discovered that their orbits incline, on average, to about 8 degrees with respect to the invariable plane. In other words, something of unknown origin is altering the average orbital plane in the outer solar system.

“The most likely explanation for our results is that there is some unseen mass,” lead author Volk said. “According to our calculations, something as massive as Mars would be needed to cause the warp that we measured.”

According to Volk and Malhotra, there’s a celestial body the size of Mars located around 60 AU from the sun, that influencing KBOs located at around 10 AU at either side of it.

“The observed distant KBOs are concentrated in a ring about 30 AU wide and would feel the gravity of such a planetary mass object over time, so hypothesizing one planetary mass to cause the observed warp is not unreasonable across that distance,” Volk said.

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