Countries that offer free education for international students!!

  • Date : December 12, 2016

There are so many people around the world looking for free education, here there are few countries in the world that offer education free of cost. Let’s look at it,

1, France:

France “the country of love”, they offer free education, but the only problem is language. Of course, the medium of instruction is English, it is absolutely necessary to learn French to survive. Most public Universities charges only for registration fees ranging from €200 (£150) to €400 (£300) per year, these are the great options.


There are some more reputed organizations and colleges in France they charge for Engineering, science and business studies. These universities are highly reputed and count many famous alumni among their ranks, so you’ll need to spend between €5,000 and €15,000 per annum tuition.

2, Scotland:

Learning in Scotland, the students will be exposed to great scenery and historic castles. Scottish nationals and students from other EU countries can have their tuition fees paid for by the Student Awards Agency of Scotland, so you could study completely free of charge.

If the students are from England, Wales or Northern Ireland, they will have to pay an annual fee. There are so many bursaries and scholarships to help. Students from outside the EU also have to pay variable amounts.

3, Sweden:

Sweden is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize and its universities are highly regarded. When you study here, you’ll get a free education like Swedish nationals if you’re from the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

That said, if you’re from outside these areas you can expect to pay fees, which range from around SEK80,000 (£6,390) to SEK140,000 (£11,180) annually.

4, Germany

Germany offers free education for international students. It requires registration fee and various other processes.

5, Finland

Finland offers free education to international students (may be a small fee).

6, Brazil

Brazil offers free education for international students.

7, Norway

Norway offers free education for international students.

8, Spain

Spain offers free education for international students.

9, Austria

Austria offers free education for international students.

10, Switzerland

Switzerland offers free education for international students.

11, Denmark

Denmark offers free education for international students.





  1. That’s a moaerbrdlke-. Great thinking!

    1. Thank you!! it means a lot …

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