Why is successful people afraid of Relationships – reason will make you think

  • Date : June 13, 2017

Why is successful people afraid of Relationships – reason will make you think

“Love is undefined in terms of betrayal but still it’s divine.”
Today in this world relationship is undefined. There were times when people used to do suicide when they not get their love. But now it makes me laugh thinking that today’s youth end it saying breakup.For every small thing they end up writing into social media.I don’t get this there are some feeling which need not be disclosed to everyone. They write status saying that “I am in love” or “am being ditched by her”. They count the number of likes and people interested in reading that.

If one gets away there are many in the list to whom they can be in a relationship. So here,“relationship becomes a ship where people just pass their time and make fun out of it”. The most painful thing is that even school going children get trapped in this. 12-18 years is an age where a child gets matured both physically and mentally. But at this time wrong thoughts may degrade their valuable feelings.In apt to the present situation there had been many films, but youth are always youth. They just see it as a film and not as a moral.

The other most used word is CRUSH. I have seen it only in a slam book during my schooldays. The exact meaning of crush is, “a brief but intense infatuation for someone especially someone unattainable”.But now this has become popular too. There are people who think if they are not in a relationship they are not worth of it and they keep them confined and makes themselves feel alone, rather being in a wrong, dumb and waste relationship it is better to be single forever and do things independently with our friends.

So the best thing to do is not to” waste our time thinking rubbish and make the best use of time in one or the other way”. “Successful people have two things on their lips, one is their silence and other their cute smile”.so I personally believe that it takes a perfect time to see perfect one in our life. So let’s wait for the best moment in our life and keep moving forward.



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